One town always picks the winning president.
What will it tell us about America in 2016?
If you want to know which way the political winds blow in 2016, ask Terre Haute, Indiana.
Since 1888, Terre Haute and surrounding Vigo County have voted for the winning candidate in every presidential election except two—30 out of 32 elections. They haven’t missed in 60 years. No other place in America comes close.

BELLWETHER, a documentary web-series, will cover the 2016 presidential election through the eyes and experiences of voters in Terre Haute and Vigo County, the most consistently accurate “bellwether” in the nation.
One county. 108,000 people. What does Terre Haute know about America 2016?
From Labor Day 2015 through Election Day 2016 BELLWETHER will embed in Terre Haute to capture intimate stories of people and places that reflect factors shaping American life.

A counter-balance to punditry and prognostication, BELLWETHER investigates what makes people here the “great predictor” of the greatest horserace in America.