Don Campbell

Don created interactive documentaries for Time-Warner from 1989-1992, including Seven Days in August, the first open-doc named CD-ROM of the year by MacWorld in 1994. Since 1986 Don has also produced and written dozens of films for broadcast by PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, History, and for the US federal government. In 2004 he won the national Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for RUSSIA – Land of the Tsars.

He pioneered the use of “video-publishing” in political campaigns in 1984, producing and distributing short-form issue-videos for Sen. Gary Hart’s first presidential campaign. In 1984 he also edited the Theodore White documentary Television & The Presidency. From 1984-1989, Don played various roles in political consulting & media for both Roger Ailes and the Sawyer/Miller Group, working across the US and in Latin America.


Louis V. Galdieri produced and directed 1913 Massacre, which ran the international festival circuit and toured with the Woody Guthrie Centennial before its Labor Day 2013 broadcast premiere on PBS. He has produced and directed around the world, and worked as a writer and story editor on projects ranging from feature films to TV pilots. His TV essays about America in the 21st century ran bi-weekly on the National Edition of CBS Evening News. Louis was also a speechwriter in the 2000 Presidential primary.

He co-founded Films for NonProfits, an early web 2.0 digital consultancy dedicated to building media capacity in the non-profit sector. From 1990-1995, Louis was a member of the Humanities Faculty at MIT, where he wrote and lectured on cultural history, and received the Baker Teaching Award. He is currently working on some new writing and developing a new documentary project about the Lake Superior mining boom.

Lise Zumwalt

Lise has produced, written and edited films for series including Nature, Nova, Wide Angle, Who Cares About Girls, and American Investigative Reports, and has won 14 awards for her work.

Highlights include, Sex Workers or Victims, an investigation into the domestic sex trade of teenage girls with Lisa Ling, (Gracie Award, Outstanding Documentary ML), In-Between, innovative segments about the economy from mainstreamers like Nouriel Roubini to outsiders like Rev. Billy Thalen and Emmy-nominated Inside the Secret Service.

Currently, Lise is finishing an independent feature documentary on mental illness and involuntary commitment.


Bellwether’s Director of Photography.